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Whether you have a leaky faucet or you’re looking for a full bathroom renovation, it’s important to choose the right Christchurch plumber for the task.


At Moods Plumbing, our helpful team of qualified plumbers, drainlayers and gasfitters pride ourselves on offering fast, friendly and reliable service.


We’re experts in plumbing, gas and drainage – and offer our customers additional peace of mind with a 12-month workmanship guarantee on all services.

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Moods Plumbing is dedicated to providing the highest level of workmanship while meeting all compliance regulations for your peace of mind.


Plumbing maintenance, repairs and upgrades is our bread and butter – and we love creating solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.


We specialise in Backflow Prevention Device Installation and Testing/Certification to ensure our water supply to the community remains safe and of high quality.


Looking for a Christchurch plumber for maintenance, a drainlayer for your new build or a team that can tackle a full renovation? Moods Plumbing offers a full spectrum of professional services to meet all of your residential plumbing needs.


From pipes and plumbing fixtures to hot water cylinders – we are your expert team!


Save on your monthly electric bills with solar and heatpump hot water solutions.


Ready to make the switch to gas? Moods’ qualified local gasfitters can help.


Ready for an upgrade? We love renovations – and no job is too big or small!


We can sort everything from blocked drains and soak pits to drainage for new builds.


Moods Plumbing can assist with commercial plumbing services on request.

Looking for a reliable plumber Christchurch to fix a leaky faucet, handle a gasfitting job, or undertake a complete bathroom renovation? Moods Plumbing provides a comprehensive range of professional services to address all your residential plumbing needs while ensuring compliance with regulations.

We have a team of qualified plumbers who offer a wealth of combined expertise of over 20 years. We take pride in delivering prompt, friendly, and reliable service, backed by a 12-month workmanship guarantee.

If you prefer supporting local businesses, consider reaching out to Moods Plumbing for plumbing, gasfitting, or drainage services. We are also available for commercial work upon request.

Plumbing & Gas Christchurch

For comprehensive plumbing and gas Christchurch services, trust the expertise of Moods Plumbing. We have a team of experienced and licensed plumber chch, drainlayers, and gasfitters ready to tackle various plumbing and gasfitting tasks; from installation of new systems, routine maintenance and repairs to retrofitting and full renovations.

Thinking of making the switch to gas? Our qualified local gasfitters are here to help. Whether you're building a new home with a gas system or looking to convert parts of your existing setup, our experienced gasfitters ensure a smooth and safe installation process. Our gasfitters can perform on-site leak tests, service, and repair your gas appliances, ensuring they operate safely and efficiently.

Drainage Solutions for Efficient Flow Of Water

Ensuring efficient drainage is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your property. At Moods Plumbing, our drainage services are designed to cater to your varied drainage requirements - be it blocked drain Christchurch, water pooling, slow drainage, or damp spots in your yard. As registered Master Plumbers NZ, we ensure the proper connection of pipes to your home or business. From handling blocked drains, soak pits, and stormwater management to rural drainage and septic tanks, commercial drainlaying, and backflow prevention, our services cover a range of requirements.

Our Retrofits Excellence - How We Perfect Every Detail

Moods Plumbing can assist with upgrading your home’s plumbing, pipeworks, fixtures and water-using appliances. Our team of qualified Christchurch plumbers offers a wealth of experience in designing retrofit plumbing plans, and implementing upgrades that align with your property and lifestyle preferences.

Before initiating any retrofitting project, we discuss your plans, explore viable solutions, and establish a budget. Considering the age of your residence and your requirements, our team will carefully assess your existing pipes, ensuring their optimal functionality. Any necessary maintenance or repairs will be diligently carried out.

Following this, we'll proceed with the retrofitting process, integrating your chosen plumbing equipment, fixtures, fittings, or appliances. This may encompass low-flow toilets, faucets, showerheads, or upgrades to your hot water cylinder or dishwasher.

You can contact us any time to schedule a site visit to assess the current condition. We will recommend the best solutions, and provide you with a personalised quote.

Moods Plumbing Renovations - A Complete Package

Plumbing plays a crucial role in the success of renovations and demands a high level of expertise. If your outdated bathroom is in need of a revamp, or your kitchen space is not sufficient for your growing family, our experienced Christchurch plumbers are ready to provide complete kitchen, laundry, and bathroom renovations Christchurch!

Boasting over 20 years of experience in full renovation project management and installations, our team possesses the knowledge and skills required to meticulously plan your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry renovation, tailored to fit your family, lifestyle, and property.

We engage in discussions about your ideas, offer recommendations based on our wealth of experience, and create a forward-thinking plumbing renovations plan that aligns with your present and future needs.

In addition to renovating existing spaces, we can design and install new ensuite bathrooms and laundries, making adjustments to your property footprint.

If you're interested in learning more, we can arrange a site visit and provide you with a tailored quote.

When Do You Know You Need To Call A Plumber?

Sometimes you ignore minor Christchurch plumbing issues that lead to plumbing catastrophes. Watch out for these warning signs that screams of calling a plumber for immediate fixing.

Ignoring these signs may lead to more extensive issues, resulting in costly repairs.

  • If you notice water stains, dampness, or puddles around your home, it may indicate a leaking pipe that requires professional attention
  • When you notice a blockage or pipe issue within your plumbing system
  • If foul smells emanating from drains. It could be a sign of a sewer or drainage problem that requires immediate attention.
  • If you hear unusual sounds such as banging, clanking, or gurgling in your plumbing system
  • A faulty flush valve or other internal components that need fixing
  • Persistent dampness or water leaks.
  • If your plumbing system is old, with materials like galvanised steel or polybutylene, it may be prone to corrosion and leaks, necessitating a professional inspection by experienced plumbers Christchurch.
  • In colder climates, frozen pipes can be a common problem, leading to potential bursts and water damage when temperatures rise. If that happens, you should call us.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you observe any of these signs to ensure prompt intervention and preserve the integrity of your plumbing Christchurch system.

At Moods Plumbing, our team is always ready to deliver plumbing services with long-term results.

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BayPhil Construction Ltd has worked with Moods Plumbing for six years. I highly recommend Moods as extremely professional in all aspects of their work from initial contact, through to quoting and successful completion of the job. Moods’ staff are polite, leave a clean work site and highly skilled in their field of work.

Baydon Phillips

BayPhil Construction
You went above and beyond. Working toilet, happy family. AAA+

Paula Johnson

Great service, work completed within the timeframe.

Will Ross

Awesome customer service. Highly recommend to anyone.

Sonia Wakefield

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Our qualified plumbers offer a wealth of experience – backed by 20+ years’ combined expertise.


Our hardworking team members are responsive and reliable – ensuring you get great service ASAP.


As part of your community, we’re proud to offer exceptional service at an affordable price.









Plumbing WOF Inspections

Moods offers Plumbing WOF Inspections – checking everything from your pipes to your hot water cylinder to avoid costly maintenance issues in the future.

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