Gas Fitters Christchurch

Gas Fitters Christchurch

Gas Fitters Christchurch


Gas is an affordable home heating, cooking and hot water heating option – with the potential to cut your power bill by around 30%!


Want a more efficient solution? Gas continuous flow water heaters never run out – ensuring zero heat loss from stored water.


Gas doesn’t produce any ash, dust or smoke and creates the least amount of greenhouse gas emissions, making it a clean fuel.

Moods Plumbing Christchurch Gasfitting


The qualified and experienced team at Moods Plumbing offers expertise across all aspects of gasfitting services, including…


Looking for a more cost-effective water heating solution for your existing home? Planning a new build and interested in future-proofing your energy costs? Moods qualified Christchurch gasfitting experts specialise in gas hot water installations for new builds and gas hot water conversions and retrofits. Enjoy an endless supply of instant hot water year-round, while cutting your monthly electrical energy bill.


Looking for a better way to stay warm in winter and cool in summer? Gas is a fast and cost-effective way to regulate your home’s temperature year-round! Whether you’re considering gas ducted home heating and cooling, a modern gas fire or energy-saving flued heaters that maintain air quality for a healthy home and breathing environment, our gasfitters can help you select the right solution for your family.


Whether you’re building, renovating or considering an appliance upgrade, gas cooking offers instant heat and precise control that foodies and home-chefs love. Cooking with gas is economical and efficient – but it’s important you trust a qualified and experience gasfitter to properly install your appliances and gas pipes correctly. Our team has the experience to ensure your gasworks is safe, secure, and optimised for energy efficiency.


If you need a qualified and experienced Christchurch gasfitting expert for your property development, industrial fitout or commercial project, contact the team at Moods Plumbing. All of our gasfitting solutions are installed to meet current safety standards and compliance regulations for your peace of mind. We quote commercial works on request, so contact our team today to make an enquiry.

We are reliable gas fitters Christchruch who specialise in delivering comprehensive gas fitting services tailored to meet your needs. We cover gas hot water installations for new builds, gas hot water conversions and retrofits, installation of new gas appliances and gas pipes. With a commitment to safety, we guarantee that all our gasworks adhere to local Council standards.

Our proficiency extends beyond residential services; we also quote for property development, industrial fitouts, and commercial projects upon request.

Why Proper Gas Fitting Is Important

Appropriate gas fitting is vital for the safety of your loved ones and your property. Proper installation and maintenance of gas-related systems prevent gas leaks, which is not only a fire hazard but can also lead to health issues or, in extreme cases, be fatal.

Additionally, correctly fitted gas appliances operate more efficiently and reduce the risk of malfunctions and carbon monoxide buildup. Beyond immediate safety concerns, improper gas fitting can also result in non-compliance with regulations, leading to legal consequences.

Therefore, It is crucial to prioritise the correct installation and maintenance of gas systems by gasfitting experts in Christchurch to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your family.

Comprehensive Gasfitting Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our comprehensive services encompass the installation, servicing, and repair of gas-powered appliances. Whether you require expert installation, ongoing service, or repairs, our offerings include:

  • Gas appliance repair and maintenance
  • Gas fitting and installation
  • Appliance upgrades
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Installation and repairs of gas storage hot water cylinders
  • Gas central heating installation and maintenance
  • Maintenance and servicing of gas fires
  • Gas mains connections installation
  • Installation of gas meter systems and boiler systems, encompassing hydraulic and ring mains.

Project Management For Efficient Solutions

Moods Plumbing also provides project management for new builds and bathroom renovations in Christchurch and surrounding areas. Recognising the challenges associated with subcontractor dealings, our primary aim is to alleviate your stress by delivering on our commitments.

We collaborate closely with you to ensure a seamless project journey from inception to completion. Our adept team, characterised by punctuality, professionalism, and proficiency, is dedicated to carrying out tasks with meticulous care.

Committed to upholding high standards of health and safety, we firmly believe in the preventability of accidents. As gas specialists and expert plumbers, we prioritise the assurance of a secure site environment, before commencing any plumbing or gas fitting work.

Gas fitting for New Builds

Gas is becoming a popular choice for many property owners considering its contribution to the lowest energy bills. If you are building a new home and thinking about gas as an option, rely on Christchurch gas fitter for assistance in choosing the right gas solutions.

Our qualified gas fitters in Christchurch are well-equipped for seamless installations of all gas appliances such as:

  • Heaters
  • Fireplaces and Flues
  • Gas Hobs
  • Hot Water Cylinders
  • Gas Barbeques
  • Gas Continuous Hot Water Heaters

If you're renovating an existing home and planning to install new gas appliances, our expertise ensures a smooth process. Additionally, when undertaking excavation work or renovations, it's crucial to avoid digging into existing gas pipes. We can help you in this matter. We use technology to locate and safeguard existing gas lines before commencing any excavation for new construction.

On-Demand Gas Fitting for Commercial Projects

Experience on-demand commercial gasfitting excellence with Moods Plumbing - your local plumber in Christchurch and gas fitting experts. We take commercial projects including property development and industrial fitouts to meet the unique demands of each site. Our specialised services are available upon request, ensuring that your business receives prompt and precise attention.

Our specialised services cater to the intricate demands of commercial sites, encompassing both new builds and renovations. For new builds, our expertise extends to the installation of gas mains connections, meticulous placement of gas meter systems, and comprehensive boiler system setups, inclusive of hydraulic and ring mains.

In renovation projects, we excel in the upgrading of existing gas appliances, precision-driven gas leak repairs, and the installation and maintenance of gas storage hot water cylinders.

Count on Moods Plumbing for comprehensive gas fitting solutions tailored to your project’s unique requirements. We adhere to the highest industry standards and local regulations in all our gas fitting and plumbing works.

Gas Fitter Chch At Your Service

Moods Plumbing stands ready as your premier Gasfitters and plumbers in Christchurch, dedicated to delivering unmatched service and expertise. With a commitment to excellence, our skilled team ensures precision in every gasfitting project, whether it be installations, repairs, or maintenance.

Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, and we take pride in our prompt, reliable, and technically proficient approach. To ensure your satisfaction, all our work comes with a 12-month workmanship guarantee, so you can confidently invest your money in our services.

We also make sure to comply with New Zealand Gas Code of Practice for the installation of gas appliances, as well as the inspection and testing of gasfitting work conducted under our supervision.

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Curious about solar or heatpump hot water as an alternative to electric or gas? Moods Plumbing offers a range of clever and cost-effective options to suit your needs.

Our philosophy and



We’re Christchurch owned and operated, and proud to be part of your community!


We take care to carry out all works in an environmentally responsible manner.


We’re confident you’ll love our service and offer a 12-month workmanship guarantee.


We use quality, New Zealand made products to support local businesses.

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BayPhil Construction Ltd has worked with Moods Plumbing for six years. I highly recommend Moods as extremely professional in all aspects of their work from initial contact, through to quoting and successful completion of the job. Moods’ staff are polite, leave a clean work site and highly skilled in their field of work.

Baydon Phillips

BayPhil Construction
You went above and beyond. Working toilet, happy family. AAA+

Paula Johnson

Great service, work completed within the timeframe.

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Awesome customer service. Highly recommend to anyone.

Sonia Wakefield

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